Alison Richards and Rob Taylor are two Merthyr Tydfil artists whose work is rooted in the story telling tradition and its link to community, culture, heritage and the wider human condition.

Each piece tells a story that is illustrated by poetry. It is contemporary art that re-discovers the link between physical form and story-telling from the roots of ancient cultures.


The sculptures are made in ceramic, glass and wood; substances that create, or are born from fire, reflecting Merthyr Tydfil’s history as the crucible of the world’s industrial revolution and the rich bronze age community that was present in pre-history.

The work is varied, exciting and dynamic; it changes the space it is in, adding depth, emotion and interest.

Alison and Rob said, “We believe art is about, telling stories and connecting with people, but doing it through objects that have beauty and presence; that emotionally speak to the viewer” “We are also are passionate about taking our work to non-traditional locations so it is seen by a wider audience, we show our work in churches, outside spaces, business locations, non-art based societies, and government/civic buildings”.

The artists actively work at providing workshop activities and interacting with their audience, they actively encourage comments about their work, are present at their exhibitions to explain it and to have conversations with their audience.

The artists work in collaboration from two different studios in Merthyr Tydfil producing bespoke work that enhances space and tells a story.

Contact details:


Tel: 07837 260154

Twitter: Alison & Rob @arrtduo

Activity Timeline

Pop up exhibitions. Our version is that we just pop up in a place or at an event. We talk about / exhibit /spruik  our work and read poetry, we do this for a few hours, a single day (or two or three). We are always present to have a conversation with the viewer and to listen to their feedback.

July 2014 Outdoor exhibition in an open garden as part of the Rhiwbina Festival Cardiff. Artists present their work and discuss with the audience.

Sept 2014 Pop up Dowlais Historical Society open door weekend. Artists present their work and discuss with the audience.

Oct 2014 Pop up exhibition at Canolfan Zoar in conjunction with the WEA lecture program including poetry reading and discussion.

Nov 2014 Presentation of artwork and discussion with members of the Sirolli business development group.

Nov 2014 Merthyr Heritage Conference, pop up exhibition and poetry readings, presentation and discussion of their work.

Nov 2014 Merthyr Business Club, pop up exhibition and poetry readings

 June 2015 Return to Merthyr Business Club, invited for pop up and poetry reading.

June 2016 Return to Open Garden in Rhiwbina Festival Cardiff

June 2017 Return to Open Garden in Rhiwbina Festival Cardiff

June 2018 Return to Open Garden in Rhiwbina Festival Cardiff

Sept  2018 Pop-up in Dowlais Library Open Doors Merthyr Tydfil

Workshops Looking at the relationship between words, sculptural form and painting.

Sept 2014 Workshop Redhouse  Merthyr Tydfil, working with students from Merthyr College.

Nov 2015 Gallery Exhibition Workshop Cyfarthfa Castle, open public workshop showing our art and poetry and how poetry and art can combine.

Dec 2015 Fused Glass Workshop, non art related attendees showing how they can make and explain simple ideas in glass.

Dec 2016 Fused Glass Workshop was made open to a wider group of novices in fused glass

June 2017 School Fused Glass Workshop with six year old children who designed and made glass animal artwork pictures based on the story of The Elephant’s Child by Rudyard Kipling.

April 2017 Clay and Poetry workshop Cyfarthfa Park

Nov 2017 Fused Glass Workshops well attended by a diverse and keen group of people

April 2018 Clay and Glass workshop Cyfarthfa Park

August 2018 Fused Glass workshop St Woolos Hall Newport


Jan Feb Mar 2015 Exhibition in the gallery at Redhouse, Merthyr Tydfil, with poetry readings

Jun 2014 Exhibition in St Mary’s Church,Stoke Newington, London, with Poetry readings and guided tours.

August to Nov 2015 Exhibition of our work with poetry readings at Cyfarthfa Castle Museum and Art Gallery Merthyr Tydfil

February to March 2016 Exhibition of our work at  Pierhead Building Cardiff Bay

July 2016 Exhibition St Johns Wood Church, London with poetry readings/guided tours – (groups of 5 and 6 year olds and one 90 year old.)

 Nov 2016 Exhibition & Poetry:  Merthyr Town Football Club.

June 2017  Return Exhibition & Poetry:  St Johns Wood Church, St Johns Wood, London.

Dec 17 Jan 2018 Return Exhibition & Poetry:  Cyfarthfa Castle Museum & Art Gallery Merthyr Tydfil

Sept – Nov 2018 WWI Commemoration  Exhibition St Woolos Cathedral Newport

Artists in Residences

2017…..Cyfarthfa Castle Museum and Art Gallery

2018St Woolos Cathedral,Newport

Other Events

Mar 2015 Recorded poetry in recording studios with drama students from Merthyr College.

May 2015 Published book of poetry illustrated with images of our art work.

Sept 2015 Conversation about our art how it is re-inventing us and is part of the re-invention of Merthyr Tydfil with BBC radio 4 “The Listening Project”.

Oct 2015 Broadcast as guests  of Nicola Heywood Thomas  on The Art Show BBC Radio Wales.

Nov 2015 Ongoing Sculpture placement in the Welsh Assembly Government Building. change pieces every two or three months.

Feb 2016 Broadcast conversation ‘ The Listening Project’ on the Roy Noble Show BBC Radio Wales

Apr 2016 Presentation on ARRT inspiration and mission to Friends of Cyfarthfa Museum & Art Gallery Merthyr Tydfil Show pieces & Read poetry

Apr 2016 Commission of signature piece for re-launch of Merthyr Town FC

 May 2016 Hay on Wye Festival  Sculpture, presentation and poetry reading.

Feb 2016 Presentation about ARRT to The Ladies Guild Newport

Aug 2018 Workshop  WWI in St Woolos Cathedral Newport

Sept 2018 Installation St Woolos Cathedral Newport

 Feb 2019 Installation Riverfront Theatre Newport


Future events agreed

2018... Art trail around Merthyr Tydfil

Sep 2018 WWI workshop Cyfarthfa Castle Merthyr Tydfil

Dec 2018 Classic Christmas and Creative Christmas Cyfarthfa Castle Merthyr Tydfil

Professional Development

August 2016 Bronze casting course