ARRT was commissioned by Merthyr Town FC to create a sculpture to enhance the new Club house’s atrium: a sculpture that tells the story of Merthyr Town’s interesting and varied history. We have hope we have done justice to that story and that all who see the sculpture and read the poetry will understand the relationship between football and the community; how it’s presence enriches the community and the way that the community supports football.

The Sculpture is made from is sweet chestnut grown in Merthyr Tydfil and carved into a swirling arc describing the journey of the club though many changes towards stability. Within the eye of the arc nestles a ceramic football, burnished with 24ct gold and silver leaf.

football alison_edited-1

The Ceramic Football is symbolic in a number of ways:

  • The shape symbolizes football’s sphere of influence throughout the world.
  • Gold and silver signify the club as an association of value.
  • The hexagonal piercings are emblematic of the club reaching out into the community.

The Hexagons fly out into the community on a golden wave of light illustrated by the glass nestled within the sculpture. The multi-coloured glass hexagons, beginning with the colours of the club (black & white) refract into rainbow colours representing the club reaching out into every section of the community. The ceramic hexagons can be found throughout the building; extending and integrating the sculpture; informing and surrounding the people who share in it.

From Supporter’s Hand

Where Roman’s feet trembled earth

 cracking clay in gold traced tesserae

there grew a green of trampled ground

Succouring the game that joined the world

  to flower in the valley’s heart.

Success that lifted voice in song

at the antics played in Webley’s Wake

The roar of raising arms, holding trophies high.

Then the fall!

Penydarren Park was lost.

Still they played the game.

Loyal souls with iron grit

held the banner of the Martyrs high

and cried in struggled pitch

until that golden orb

was returned; reformed

to its home in Merthyr Town.

The green now ground on polypropylene

replaced the grass in tradition bound

as the club held tight in supporter’s hand

is carried forth to community’s heart.

Reaching out to all around

a clubhouse raised in monolith;

a place to drink, to meet, to play,

to learn, to celebrate and sing.

Watch and hear the quaking roar

wrought by hands linked in teared joy.

Joined; the people and the football win.

Rob T   9th April 2016

Commission flyer Stoke N Use