There are many ways of defining what compassion is. For us it is made of moments that transfer love and joy in a way that uplifts or heals another’s sense of being. Such moments occur within nature itself and also flow from the actions of people. Probably the most powerful acts of compassion are ones that occur between individuals, where one person acts in a way that brings joy (better said than sharing despair) to another, uplifting and repairing their sense of self.

‘AN ULTIMATE COMPASSION’ Dimensions: 106 cm tall x 47 cm wide x 17 cm deep


Sunrise warms, brings sweet content

and sweeps away nights perilous dark.

Born from within these hosts of shadow,

in stark contrast it fills the heart.

On meadows wide its free light tugs,

lifting gems of colours spun

from back laid cloth of varied green,

against a sky azure, blue.

With this glimpse of nature’s art,

We touch in awe, a compassionate earth.

A company of players tumble in a ring.

Dancers dance in elven throng,

that carries eye in wondered line.

Musicians play a melody uplifting;

taking thought on wistful wing.

These acts that gift compassion,

sharing skill in joined delight.

The bond that ties a mother

to the child shaped from her frame.

Deep forged, engrained emotions,

protecting it from harm.

Rivulets of love flow free,

as summer rain on sun burnt rock

forms pools that swathes and soothes all hurt,

immersing both in happiness;

an ultimate compassion.

As burden bent humanity

trips in stumbled gait,

seeking in despair, relief.

The bonus flabby crowd; ‘that’s vogue’;

cross the road and pass on by. Don’t understand!

The Prada handbags squeezed in jewelled hand,

comment on the weather looking at the sky.

In their minds they do not see,

this world they do not know, cannot be.

The hand that bends to help

Stops their selling cry, “Big Issue”.

Then bends and straining lifts the waif,

leads the way to a nearby place,

where steaming soup salves the flesh.

Stops and shares their story

and with open heart says, “Come back”.

Smiles and keeps returning

as a comfort and a guide.

In that act of reaching, true compassion lies.

The ‘cwtch’ that cradles broken form.

The act of joy in sharing.

A basket woven of compassion’s strands

holds the secrets of remaking.

                     Rob T

The poetry looks to the meaning of compassion, focusing on it as a means of giving joy and light that salves a troubled mind. It then looks at how that joy and light can be given to people, uplifting and enriching them.

An ultimate compassion – a sculpture in wood and fused glass that tells the story of the compassion between mother and child that begins at conception and is consolidated at the genetic level as the embryo grows. One side has a classical appearance whilst the other reflects a more bohemian character, emphasising the universal nature of the emotional bond.

Draughts of Compassion – sculpted in porcelain, this cup of compassion is floating on a base representing earth’s water;’ the font of life’. Welling up from the water, streams the gold of compassion in the form of a stem made of figures with outstretched arms. These support the orange chalice of compassion, where human kind stretch and strive, connected in a compassionate embrace.

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