Countdown to St John’s Wood Exhibition 4

Wilderness moves on

Exploring an idea is always exciting and you never really know what the end is likely to be. How many ways can you interpret wilderness? The answer is lots and lots: from the wilderness of desolation to that euphoric high that is nirvana, knowledge of self, chi; however you describe it. All these things are facets of the mind and you can’t help answering the question, “where is this wilderness thing?” with the answer, “where ever you want it to be”, but it’s definitely beyond the edge of ordinary. There are places in your world that you can go to, that allow you to clear out your mind and experience the wilderness effect, no matter how briefly. Think about where your place is!

The Prismatic Spring:

One of those places that made me gasp with wonder at the sheer invention of nature’s palette. Then of course we try and make a piece of art that does it justice!

To the left you see the beginnings of the ceramic adventure and below the wonder of colour.

We aim to get these finished for our exhibition in St John’s Wood (June 17th to June 25th in St John’s Wood Church) so make a note in your diary to come along and see the finished item.

Workshop in Glass

As part of our build up to the exhibition we are working with children from St John’s Wood Pre-Preparatory School to introduce them to the wonders of fused glass. In keeping with our ethos of story telling through art, the children will be using glass to illustrate a story and their work will be included in our exhibition,  ‘Wilderness’. A treat not to be missed.

Our Adventure in Materials

Last summer the ARRTDUO went on a Masterclass in bronze casting, we both just fell for the material “hook line and sinker” so our aim this summer is to put our knowledge into practice and introduce bronze into our portfolio of work, so keep watching for the magical metal stuff.

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