Sometimes wilderness is a construction of mankind;sometimes it becomes a desolation of the mind. We live by man-made rules in man-made cultures and treat them as absolute truths. We must not forget that the freedom of the spirit is the true gift of the human condition.

Hannah’s Flight

I’ve come to save the workers!

Get rid of all the shirkers!

Create a social dream!

Make you a winning team!

I’ll lead you all in a great assault

Against the different, it is their fault

So let’s create a united band

To drive them all from this land-

Brand and chase out Hannah

Don’t let her kindred stand!

Use your vote make me the boss

Rise up, stand out from the dross

Ignore the law it’s much too slow

Make those different plead to go

.Gag the press, stop their lies

It’s them that let the different rise

So follow me, I’ll make you great

We’ll rebuild this failing state-

Brand and chase out Hannah

She’s the cause of all the hate!

Ban the elected self-styled elite

They bent us to the different’s feet

Let the sound of freedom sing

Trust in me, make me your king.

Get rid of all those open courts

Stop all thinking liberal thoughts

No more being second best

I’ll make us better than the rest-

Brand and chase out Hannah

She failed to pass our test!

Now let me tell you what to do

You know it is the best for you

Google’s gone, no thinking here

The state protects so have no fear.

Those that try to make us fail

We’ll beat up, throw in gaol

Now my people,walk in line

Bow your heads at my shrine-

Brand and chase out Hannah

We MUST not let her shine!

Rob T15th May 2017