There are moments when the silence sings; one of these is the vision of a clear sunrise, maybe more particularly on mid-summer’s day. To see the sunrise over the mountains above your head and then on the still waters of a lake below your feet, creates an accompaniment to that silence of orchestral proportions.

Joyous crow in pierhead_edited-1

‘JOYOUS CROW’ Dimensions: 35 cm tall x 35 cm wide x 23 cm deep


I sat, I heard the silence that rings announcing dawn,

creating calm serenity within my very soul.

Lifting head in joyous crow

to free my mind on raptor’s wing.

I gasped to see the cauldron boil

as it cast away pre-quelled twilight.

Vibrant shafts of crimson sky

striking rocks with sintered sparks.

Smithy’s hammer on anvil crashing,

ringing loud a symphonic sight

that plays in harp like melody,

the first portent of summer’s fall.

An encore from the shadows played.

Cool water drank the fire.

Gushing draughts of blood red rising

tressed in straw spun gossamer threads.

Burnished brands of golden light

rippled like a pebble strike.

Pulsing waves, a radiance bright,

plucking blue from the black of night.                                                                                                               

                     Rob T

 Poetry is a great way to describe events that move you, it captures and magnifies emotions freezing a moment in time in a way that preserves the memory. This poetry describes the sunrise over the mountain Pen y fan in the Brecon Beacons. As the sun rises it is reflected in the lake below allowing it to be seen twice. It describes the glory of the sunrise on a clear midsummer’s day, how it frees the spirit and is experienced in a way that is far wider than just the sense of sight. The idea of the stimulation of wider senses is held in the name of the poem “The Sound of Sunrise”.

The sculpture 

Inspired by the poem Sounds of Sunrise, The piece is made from Porcelain. On one side is a landscape, home to a clan of corvids. On the reverse side is a solitary crow singing, announcing dawn.

Compassion – The compassionate earth, if compassion is about sharing joy to uplift another, well the earth certainly did it for me that morning!