Mending Tom again and again…


Rob deliberately used broken pieces of glass to create Toms face, a face that in the installation ‘TOM’,┬áis being swept up into a Red Cross dustpan.

Soldiers during the 1 World War with Shell Shock were regularly told to ‘pull themselves together’ exactly something they could not do for themselves.

Every year around this time of year Tom gets mended: the fragments of glass that he is made with ‘fight against ‘ each other. First a crack appears then the glass breaks – the yellow glass of the eyes is always crazed and fragmented. The kiln’s heat mends the cracks but Tom will never be totally cured and will be mended again and again.

Let’s remember those soldiers today who are recovering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, as they are helped to regain some kind of equilibrium after living through war first hand.


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