Message in a bottle – The Virtual Tour

Over the next 7 weeks we are taking a virtual tour of our exhibition “Message in a Bottle” Piece by Piece. You can see it for real at Redhouse Merthyr Tydfil.

Here goes the beginning

student message in a bottle

The Title “Message in a Bottle” may well have been the hardest thing to come up with in the whole exhibition; it was the result of many hours of debate over quite a few months.
Other contenders were:
“Inconvenient Truths”

Each piece tells a story which we believe is important and deserves to be heard.

The stories within each piece are held like messages in a bottle. You will see them, read them, interpret them as you will, take them away with you or leave them at the exhibition.

The exhibition is art from Merthyr Tydfil. Over the centuries Merthyr Tydfil has been a cultural melting pot. The Industrial Revolution saw a mass influx of people from all over the world, China, Italy, Spain, Ireland and Portugal, a great mixing of culture floating here and being uncorked. These many and varied histories created a radicalism, liberalism, tolerance and friendliness that is deeply embedded in our tradition. This for us makes Merthyr Tydfil a great place, where cultures have blended and messages in bottles symbolically come to rest.

The poetry for the title installation was created by creative writing students from Merthyr College who previewed two of the pieces and penned their interpretation for us all to share. Our thanks to them for their contribution.

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