Mankind has migrated throughout history, moving from small beginnings to colonise the whole planet. When we are threatened by oppression or wasted by poverty the migratory instinct “The flight instinct” clicks into gear. When everything is great we just want to have a look over the next hill. In a modern, populous world the success of this strategy is much dependent on the reaction of those that migrated before.

‘MOVING’ Dimensions: 28 cm tall x 43 cm wide x 38 cm deep


History, masked in making, twists the ethnic coil.

Salivating dogs of war hound the liberal thought

  Ravages of chaos cleanse the lowly soul

as the winning righteous sanitise the wrong.

The meagre, who are able, recoil in desperate scurry.

Humanity in streams spreads across the globe.

Re-treading Neolithic paths, well-worn,

seeking life’s rebuilding in another land.

Just run!

From tombs of poverty and doctrine;

remnants of possession spent in smuggled fare;

starving child, tortured frame in exodus commune.

In desert caravans they die!

From leaky boats hear drowning cry!

In articulated containers packed,

they suffocate, unmoving lie!

Still they come!

The adrenalin of hope and memories of dread,

link their arms and drive them on.

No turning back!

“In another place they’ll fit much better”!

So speak the proletariat; herded by the hand of fear.

Led by orators with Pied Piper’s tongue,

who dressed in guile, as patriots,

mask a shadowed swastika drifting in the crowd.

“Don’t let them in”!

Rob T

5th Aug 2015