Symbols are our inheritance. Those given to us by nature’s glory have been interpreted in many ways throughout history. They still hold us today as we look at them in amazement because of their awesome beauty and the way they lift our souls.

orbits of cration

ORBITS OF CREATION Dimensions: 8 cm tall x 22 cm wide x 22 cm deep SOLD


Red and yellow in bluish eyes

with green striped spiders and purple flies.

Swirling colours from all directions

giving eye and mind reflections

of the world as it once had been.

But as no mortal eye had seen

a time of man that only dreamed.

The purple flies were shaven clean

so they could hide if they were seen,

as they flew through galaxies

in search of their identities.

They found the orbit of creation;

a gyre borne of swirling matter,

splitting colour in bright starshine

illuminating symbols that let us see the dream.

The bridge that carried valour; Bifrost,

stands as mighty arc in the memory of the North

Yet where Atlantis wet its head, Iris ran the curve;

golden ewer attesting solemn oaths and truth.

A seal of mighty covenant forged on deluge past;

bonding for eternity the souls of man with God.

The bow that arrowed lightening across the heavens wide.

The ledge before Nirvana in the journey of the mind.

The joy of breaking light, as sunbeams sing on cloud.

Revealing sparkling droplets from showers clearing air,

bending light to natures will revealing bright a rainbow arch.

A glory in the firmament that makes the heart beat fast.

Rob T

This piece carries a message relating to the complexity of spiritual choices. The search for knowledge leads to a greater understanding of the Universe, but also sows the seeds of doubt and scepticism. This leaves society searching for identity and struggling to find the structure that supports a concrete spiritual and moral position.

The first half of the poetry reflects this search for identity within the swirling vortex of the modern world, contemplating the question; who am I? The second half looks at the rainbow which has consistently been a spiritual symbol throughout history and across many cultures. In Norse mythology the rainbow was the bridge (“Bifrost”) that allowed warriors to travel to the hall of the gods. In Greek Mythology it was the bridge that carried Iris (a messenger of the gods) to convey messages to humans carrying a ewer with water from the river Styx which put to sleep anyone who told untruths. In Genesis (Christianity, Islam and Judaism) it is the symbol that represents the covenant between God and man In Hinduism it is the Bow of the God Indra; the God of thunder and lightning. In Buddhism it is the final level of enlightenment before Nirvana is reached. The poem then looks at how it is a true marvel of nature and contemplates the wonder that has made it such an important spiritual symbol.

The Sculpture shows the rainbow disrupted, the bands being uneven and whirling chaotically. Round the edge are the small purple dots that represent the search for identity (The purple flies from the poetry). The gold banding around the rainbow ellipses reflect the constant of spirituality that remains unbroken although it is being flexed and tested. Around the edge of the sculpture are the words “A glory in the firmament that makes the heart beat fast” this celebrates the glory in the beauty of nature; just because it is.

Compassion – Mankind has an archaic tendency to represent and hold things in symbols. The rainbow is a reminder of the compassion of nature but is also a valued symbol, subject to various interpretations in many religions. All these religions value compassion and include it within their moral code.