Pierhead Cardiff Bay CF99 1NA

We are really excited to be planning for our next exhibition in Futures Gallery Pierhead Cardiff Bay. The Gallery is on the first floor, overlooking the sea: the perfect spot for stained and fused glass and ceramics; fab light and shadows.

We are also working towards our first joint piece. That is to say, our first joint piece where we sat down and planned the piece jointly from the beginning. Our inspiration is diatoms – microscopic algae floating in the sea. If trees can be described as the’ lungs’ of our planet then diatoms are the ‘liver’, efficiently mopping up carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, processing and rendering it harmless.

The ceramic is first fired (no colour yet). We have designed the fused glass which hopefully will be created and fired next week end. The ceramic will then be glazed in colours that complement the colours in the glass. Rob has written another fab poem describing the piece… so come along between February 17th and March 17th to feast your eyes and tease your brain!

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Poster PIer Head 2016_less words_edited-2 small

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