That great contrast of opposites is one of the drivers of the great cycles that exist within nature, within life and that can be seen throughout history. The cycle of building great edifices, only to see them torn down by the ravages of time. Then the rebuilding of new structures and institutions that relate to the new time. There is a great change in Merthyr Tydfil. The town is striving to create a new identity in a changing world. This is one aspect of that change.echo man small


Those Halcyon days

when workers bent and workers died

upon that altar built of iron

The buildings of that sacrifice

now enobled as our heritage

stand tall, remind us of that glory

of the wealth of bygone days

Preserve them keep them polish bright

those tarnished railings rust embossed

and celebrate our making in broken bricks of old

See the iron, orange, brown

fighting gainst the elements

bending to the Budlea and ivy standing tall

Nature’s stealthy step, crumbling brick, crushing stone

The freeze thaw of a winter’s night

prizing iron joint apart

As our natural heritage

reclaims its custody of disused estate

Creating a beauty of contradiction

as manmade edifice stands by natures craft

and green tendrils of a springs awakening

dress the bones, forsaken, left

in this shadow of industrial decline

and the uncrushed spirit of the people

stands unemployed in endless line

Unreconciled in a changing world

As the new age rises

lifting spirits high

Renewing Red House standing

in arts not politic now dressed

And knowledge aspirations

rebuilt in concrete and in glass

To give reborn new inspiration

in an atrium of light

lifted high by Hogwarts stair

A place where young and old may share

and enter into great debate

in matters of the mind and state

And lubricate with coffee bean

a great discourse on world around

that precedes and necessitates

the laying of foundations new

that all of us are tasked to do

Igniting phoenix fire

with flames of skill and self-esteem

re-forging substance from the dream

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