Trees are the guardians of our eco-systems, the filters of our atmosphere; miracles of the natural world: losing them would cause environmental chaos. Unfortunately mankind is very careless!

PB Trees Alison_edited-2

‘LABYRINTH’ Dimensions: 22 cm tall x 28 cm wide x 30 cm deep

Trees are the guardians of our eco-systems, the filters of our atmosphere; miracles of the natural world: losing them would cause environmental chaos. Unfortunately mankind is very careless!


Sinews stretching, screaming, splintering,

shattering in shards on shuddering ground.

So the mighty fall.

Torn from dungeon deep, the deepest root that still grasps rock

in a forlorn and fruitless holding on.

It breaks!

As progress marches, in a relentless search for bettering,

it forgets each piece is a part that makes the whole.

Standing, spreading, stretching, a verdant canopy spans the sky.

A vast and wondrous swathe that sways and bends at slightest breeze;

but stands in stoned defiance gainst the mightiest of storms.

Tesserae of green mosaic contain within their cuboid cells a chemical cascade.

A chained crescendo catching carbon as it swirls through pathways rare.

These, the lungs of mother earth now in cancerous decline.

The masts of pirate ships.

The towers of young imaginings.

Streams reflecting dappled light, glades of intoxicating scent

and the euphonic sounds of Pan on pipes.

Here barefoot the dreams of innocence are formed.

Branches that cocooned young lovers,

as they first touched in glorious embrace,

and bears carved, their names,

in testament to a union of souls.

Roots gnarled and knotted writhe contorted to percolate the earth below.

Wrapped in cloak of fungal hyphae, in sympathy they move.

These two kingdoms now exquisitely entwined,

spread an internet of primordial age.

Hand in hand they bore and burrow into Gaia’s womb,

where they hold in embryo the future of our world.

         Rob T

The poetry firstly considers how trees are being destroyed in their millions to make way for our civilisation without a real care for the consequence of those actions. Secondly we look at the concept of trees and forests as part of our leisure, and how they play a part in the very essence of our life. Next the poem examines the biochemical factory that is a tree how trees are necessary to fix carbon dioxide and to replenish the earths oxygen. Finally it comments on the relationship of the tree with the earth itself and how trees are fundamental to the earth’s wellbeing.

The wood and glass sculpture echoes the poetry. The glass suggests idealistic woodland, a place for leisure and to escape into, but a tree is missing and is has fallen (in ceramic form) on the rear of the piece. This is illustrative of the destruction of the trees that we are all at least passively involved in. The glass sits on a figurative tree of life reflecting the link to the wellbeing of the earth, this is reinforced by the way the roots of the tree feed and suckle an earth child. The base of the sculpture is made from a burr (A burr is a growth which is formed in response to an infection, virus, disease etc. in the tree), this alludes to the decline in the earth’s trees and how this echoes a malady of the whole biosphere.

The ceramic sculpture is of porcelain, being strong in its being but delicate if handled unsympathetically. It is formed as a labyrinth of branches illustrating the canopy of the tree but alluding to its fundamental interleaving place in the intricate ecosystems that support all life. The inside of the sculpture is glazed brown orange indicating the trees link to the whole of the planet. The edge of the glaze is feathered with wispy white strands to show the links between the roots of the tree and fungal hyphae, reinforcing its interaction with many other organisms. The sculpture leans precariously on its base as the eco systems of the earth are equally precariously balanced. The base itself reflects a whirlpool or cyclone which further reinforces the turmoil within the earth’s biosphere.

Compassion – We are reminded that if we are to bring well-being and peace of mind to peoples across the world, we must protect the environment; if it becomes unbalanced it is inevitable that the ravages of its instability are wrought on those in most need. Having compassion for the environment relieves more suffering than many direct actions.